Tall Ship Races

*disclaimer: not actual races.   Last weekend, the docks of Kristiansand  became the headquarters of Tall Ship races. This event takes place in the city every four years and it consists of ship-schools coming to town from all over the world i.e. Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Ecuador, UK, etc. If you’re a little lost (just like I… Read more →


First trip so far and the best one yet. Last week, the Reinhardtsens and I traveled to the beautiful city of Bergen. It was a long drive but that was also due to stopping several times at different points of the road to appreciate the beauty of Norway. First, we stopped at a park-like area with a river coming from… Read more →

Summer 2015

Hei hei! I’m back in Norway for the summer, this being the third year in a row.   wow   Time FLIES by.   I’m really happy to be back, as always. This time I’ll be staying here for 6 weeks (longest I’ve ever stayed) hoping to improve my Norwegian speaking skills, improve my hiking skills, hopefully see new things… Read more →

Reverse Culture Shock II: Romantic Relationships

Hei hei! I hope you’re having a great week! I certainly am. I want to thank all my friends and acquaintances who have supported this blog fervently after my last post. I’m very grateful for having all of them and I’m very happy to announce that thanks to them, my previous article regarding reverse culture shock, was a success! 😀 so I… Read more →

Reverse Culture Shock: An Effect of my Cross Cultural Relationship

Hallo alle sammen! Tonight I’ve decided to write about a topic that’s been at the back of my mind for some time now but hadn’t had time to meditate about: reverse cultural shock. If you had told me about it at the beginning of last year, I would’ve thought it was impossible but guess what? now, speaking from experience, I… Read more →

Recap Summer 2014

Hei hei! First of all, I want to apologize for being absent for so long! The purpose of this blog is to share my experiences in Norway and it was a success during the first year but sadly not for the second one… but hey! I’m here to vindicate myself! I’ll give you a quick recap of my second summer… Read more →