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That’s where I am right now. The catholic church should change their beliefs towards heaven; the new way should be “If you sin, you will go to hell after you die, but if you behave, you will go to Norway” EFF YEAH. I bet people would stop fearing death lol

Norway is hands down the best place in the world. People are really nice, like, everyone I’ve had the chance to interact with has been absolutely kind, friendly and great. Nobody ever gets mad here, nobody complains, nobody stresses out.. all Norwegians do is relax and have fun, if that’s not living then I don’t know what it is. Public administration works  fine as well, the cities are well planned, small and clean, education is free, healthcare is free, taxes are high but they get tons of benefits back. There’s no violence in the streets, there’s barely any crimes (kind of starting to miss Mexico’s never ending violence.. not lol).. Ohhh… and nature, omg. how can I even begin to describe nature? It is everywhere! Norway is full of green landscapes that seem endless; the houses are located in the middle of dense forests in which one might occasionally run into a beach and some waterfalls. It’s pretty magical actually, I kept thinking I would run into Snowhite and her dwarfs during my first “tur” in the forest lol

My hosts, the Reinhardtsen family, are some of the best people I’ve ever met, they’re unbelievable nice, warm and welcoming. They totally put up a sign on their front door that says “Welcome Karolina”, it’s still up there and it’s been almost a week 🙂 I’m eternally grateful for everything they’ve done for me and will continue to do for the rest of July.

AND OF COURSE there is my love, Ronny.. <3 He means the world to me and right now we’re just enjoying our time together as much as we can because I will go back home eventually, and well, the hardest part of our long distance relationship will begin. Oh well, time to enjoy 😀




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