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So my viking and I went on a day trip to Denmark yesterday. We took a ferry from Kristiansand (first time on a ferry, yay!) and when we got to Denmark, we took a bus to “Fårup” which is like a theme park with rides similar to 6 flags and stuff, it was pretty fun. My viking gets motion sickness so he didn’t get to ride the roller coasters with me but he took pictures of me in all the rides instead, he got pretty good shots lol. Anyway, we took the ferry back to Kristiansand during the evening and I took the opportunity to shop for souvenirs because the store at the ferry is tax free so I got a preeeetty good deal. We got home around midnight and we went straight to bed after a long day.

good times.

“Ojalá se te acabe la mirada constante, la palabra precisa, la sonrisa perfecta.., ojalá pase algo que te borre de pronto, una luz segadora, un disparo de nieve , ojalá por lo menos que me lleve la muerte, para no verte tanto para no verte siempre en todos los segundos… en todas las visioneeeees, ojalá que no pueda tocarte ni en canciones,”

Don’t think I don’t want to see my viking anymore, I just have that song stuck in my head lol I haven’t stop singing Spanish ballads since the ferry yesterday, maybe it’s just that I miss hearing my language.

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