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Last day in Kristiansand

So this has been the best summer of my life. I’ve visited the best country in the world and met some of the nicest people ever, also best hosts. I met my internet love person after 2.5 years of  non-stopping chat and found in him a partner with whom I’d love to spend the rest of my life with. I did many things I’ve never done before such as riding a train, riding a ferry, travel to Europe, hiking, eating raspberries and blueberries, been in an island, seeing/touching snow, playing volleyball in a trampoline, having nacho pizza, climbing mountains, having a bubble bath and being treated like a queen. literally. I wish I didn’t have to leave, but all good things must end and I have a life to go back to.. two majors at university + language courses, a teaching job, and my family & friends of course. Plus, I have a lot to look forward to: my viking might come over to Mexico next summer and even though we have to wait and save for 11 months, we’ll get another month together in the summer of 2014.. hopefully. And on and on until we finally can settle in a place together 🙂

Anyway, all I have left to say now is: TUSEN TAKK FOR ALT to the Reinhardtsens. They have supported me, fed me, given me a place to stay, taken me to beautiful places and put up with me aaaaall month! not an easy task that anyone would do, so I will always appreciate their generosity and kindness. We both have learned a lot about each other’s cultures and hopefully they’ll visit Mexico one day so they will allow me to return such kindness. The best thing about this trip was making friends with them and now I have to eat gummies because I’ve started crying lol.

This is not a “goodbye” Norway, this is a “see you next time”!

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