Summer 2015

Hei hei! I’m back in Norway for the summer, this being the third year in a row.




Time FLIES by.


I’m really happy to be back, as always. This time I’ll be staying here for 6 weeks (longest I’ve ever stayed) hoping to improve my Norwegian speaking skills, improve my hiking skills, hopefully see new things and of course to spend time with my significant other 🙂 <3


Jeg snakker litt norsk, vaer sa snill a snakk senere!

(sorry, missing norsk vowels)


I’m trying harder than ever to learn as much norsk as I can so, as I’ve stated on facebook before, Jeg har en beskjed til mine norske venner: vær så snill, snakk norsk med meg (ikke engelsk).


Anyway, I’ve been told there’s lots of plans for this year so I’m really excited and looking forward to it 🙂

Keep watching to see what’s in store!


til next time

ha det





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