First trip so far and the best one yet. Last week, the Reinhardtsens and I traveled to the beautiful city of Bergen. It was a long drive but that was also due to stopping several times at different points of the road to appreciate the beauty of Norway.

First, we stopped at a park-like area with a river coming from the mountains. The water was cold and the scenery was beautiful. There was also an oddly charming boulder stuck at the middle of the river, probably a piece of mountain that fell.

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After that point, the road started going up and for some time we were able to see snowy mountains.. SNOWY MOUNTAINS! It was such a beautiful sight, absolutely breathtaking. It was also my first time seeing something like it so just give me a break ok. Anyway, of course we stopped by the road to take pictures and play with the snow. It was so awkward trying to walk on snow, it’s definitely harder than on TV; at one point my leg sank almost all the way into the snow (it was scary, yes).


20150702_163943 B (6) SAM_1397


It was hard leaving the snow. The quirky city of Odda came up next but we made our stop a few meters before to see Låtefossen, which is a huge waterfall that feeds the river below.


G (2)C (8)

Bergen wasn’t far away after this point. It was confusing when we first started driving into the city because I was expecting something small, a little bigger than Kristiansand. Turns out though, that Bergen is the freaking second largest city in Norway -and at first I had no faith in how big it’d be because my standards are different- but it was actually pretty effing big.





…and this is only downtown.



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There’s so much to do and so much to look at it’s unbelievable! There’s a lot of people from all over the world, there’s a fish market where everything looks delicious, museums, boats, beautiful streets, I’m in love. The weather was really nice during our stay, though sadly people say it rains all the year around and these three days were like the exception to the rule.

Even though we were there for a short time, I really enjoyed it there. I encourage all of the people in the world to visit this great country and this beautiful city if you ever have the chance.

Bergen er min nye favorittby i Norge.

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