Tall Ship Races

*disclaimer: not actual races.


Last weekend, the docks of Kristiansand  became the headquarters of Tall Ship races. This event takes place in the city every four years and it consists of ship-schools coming to town from all over the world i.e. Russia, Brazil, Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands, Germany, Ecuador, UK, etc. If you’re a little lost (just like I was), let me explain a bit: have you ever wondered where do you go to school to become a sailor or a ship captain? (if you’re as deep in the dark as I was, did you know sailors are still a thing? currently!?) Anyway, there are high schools and universities that teach, among other things, how to manage a ship and everything related to it; naturally, these schools take place in ships where a few students live for 6 months approximately and get to travel all over the world. Your country may or may not have schools like these, personally, I had no idea we had a university of this kind in Mexico but a cadette from an Ecuadorian ship-school enlightened me last weekend; she told me that Mexico has a school-ship called Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City and that it’s a big and beautiful ship.

The event had a duration of 3 days at the docks of downtown Kristiansand. Almost a hundred ships showed up and around half of them were open to tourists. The students from the ships marched in a mini parade and some of them, specially the Polish, had some sort of show going on with costumes and props. Food was also a big part of the event, with hundreds of food stands serving traditional food from a variety of countries. Shops and souvenirs were there too of course, but the cherry on top of the cake were this groups of traditional Ecuadorian music performers with whom I had the pleasure to speak my beautiful native language with.





Oh, also, the world Guinness record for the biggest ice cream cone was broken during this event. It had a 3mt height and it contained 1,080 kg of ice cream. After the record was set and the award was given, passerbys were able to grab a piece of that ice cream cone.




Needless to say, I had a lot of fun. Anyway, see ya next time.


PS: Last week in Kristiansand 🙁





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